Information for Property Management
Full Service Property Management programs designed to fix your needs.
Our goal is to make sure your properties are occupied.

Why use a professional property management company?
1. We protect your investment.
2. Maximize rent payments
3. Give personal service
4. Free yourself from day to day property management chores

Manage the Tenant

1. Collect monthly rent
2. Collect Security Deposits
3. Collect Pet Deposits(if applicable)
4. Use Real Estate Trust Account to process and retain all deposits
5. Service tenant's needs
6. Process contract terminations and evictions(if necessary)
7. Insure compliance with Georgia landlord/tenant laws
8. Insure compliance with Federal/State fair housing laws.

Manage the Property(Investments)

1. Conduct move-in and move-outs
2. Coordinate minor maintanence services
3. Coordinate major maintanence services with owner consultation
4. Coordinate utility service between occupancies
5. Generate financial reports
6. File Form 1099-MISC with IRS

Provide Qualify Tenants

1. Market Research to determine fair market rents
2. Broad market advertising(multiple listing service, company website, internet)
3. Show properties to prospective tenants
4. Professional signage to attract drive by applicants
5. Conduct comprehensive rental applicant interview
6. Applicant background screening(credit, employment, residential history)
7. Prepare rental agreements
8. Conduct move-in/move-outs inspections